Coming soon!

Well, the first week of the new anime season has come and gone and I still haven’t updated this blog like I’d hoped to. The computer with all my graphics (and graphics software) is currently experiencing technical difficulties, so it’ll also be a while before a new banner can be created. Needless to say, to make up for the wait it will be extra ~fabulous~.

I’ll likely write up a “first week impressions” post tomorrow, but as of now it sounds like the shows I at least will blog weekly are:

  • Cardfight!! Vanguard (even if I haven’t seen the pilot yet. I have seen the OP, though – hi there, Rica Matsumoto, you card-game seiyuu you)
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica (I’m not totally blown away, but it’s refreshingly uncanny in the German sense of the word. Don’t mess this one up, Shinbo)
  • Yugioh 5D’s (have already been watching it, will post a short intro to the series at some point I suppose)
  • Suite Precure (once it begins airing – but from civilian character designs alone SO EXCITE)
  • Either Yumekui Merry or Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka (we’ll see what I think of the latter once it airs – neither are “magical girl” in the true sense of the term, I don’t think, though “Zombie” sounds like it’ll come closer)

I’ll probably continue blogging Star Driver too, even if it doesn’t fit in my “theme”, since I’ve been doing that on my personal LiveJournal already. I could ramble a bit more, I suppose, but I don’t currently have access to any pretty pictures to put in this post and that makes me feel bad.